Who We Are

Mission Statement

“Saco Valley Land Trust’s mission is to protect for future generations land of agricultural, silvicultural, recreational or biological significance, and to promote a more general understanding of the value of such conservation efforts.”
Saco Valley Land Trust was created 33 years ago, and our mission has changed little since then. Today, it seems that our original mission is even more timely.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving land for the future of the lower Saco Valley, including the towns of Saco, Biddeford, Buxton, and Old Orchard Beach. With the help of our supporting members, dedicated volunteers, and grant programs that support conservation, Saco Valley Land Trust has now protected over 1,200 acres of land for wildlife, water quality, and a sustainable way of life. We care for the lands we have conserved, provide recreation access, help raise awareness of the importance of conservation, and are always looking for other properties that could be saved from development. Sometimes land comes to us through donation, and at other times the land trust is able to raise money for an important purchase. Our donating members provide the means to keep our operation running and not miss these opportunities to protect land for the future.

One thing we have all learned from this past few years is that so many people find comfort in the out-of-doors. With this new light shining on LOCAL CONSERVED LAND for local residents, we hope that you will consider joining us as a member or making a one-time donation to SVLT. Thank you!


Richard Rhames

Sue Littlefield

Chris DiMatteo

Denis Rioux

Linda Brown


Advisory Board

Mike Brennan

Nan Cone

Dan Dallaire

Tamara Gallagher

Edna Leary

Annica McGuirk

Sue Sladen


Abby Wilson- Event and Outreach Organizer


Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday, monthly, 7 pm, at the Saco Train Station.