Boy Scouts Construct New Bridge at Moses Woodman Preserve

Moses Woodman Preserve, located in Buxton, features 1.5 miles of hiking and scenic vistas of the Saco River.

This property is great place for a leisurely walking and bird watching. Bird species such as Wild Turkeys, Eastern Wood Pewees, and Bald Eagles can be heard and seen.

Berries and wildflowers can also be spotted throughout the property. Keep your eyes peeled for several species of wildflowers in the summer as well!

The red trail (see map above) takes you from the parking area to the river. The path has varying landscapes and several small hills. There are many resting areas with benches.

The blue trail has been closed for over a year do to a damaged bridge at the intersection of the red trail.

Thanks to the efforts of a local boy scouts troop, the bridge has been repaired! This restoration will allow people to access the blue loop as well as additional Saco River frontage.

Thank you, Boy Scouts of America, for helping SVLT repair this bridge and increase accessibility at Moses Woodman!

The blue loop has been cleared and blazed after many months of little to no use. Thank you trail workers and volunteer Land Steward, Tom Ledue, for tackling this project!

SVLT highly recommends you check out the Moses Woodman Preserve. For more information and directions, check out the Woodman webpage.

You can also explore the blog post: A Walk at Moses Woodman for lovely images of wildflowers that grow at this property.

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