Owning and Conserving Land in the Lower Saco River Valley

Saco Valley Land Trust’s mission is to protect for future generations land of agricultural, silvicultural, recreational or biological significance, and to promote a more general understanding of the value of such conservation efforts.

Boundary markers are posted to identify conserved land.

SVLT conserves over 1,200 acres in the Lower Saco River Valley- Saco, Biddeford, Buxton, and Old Orchard Beach. Some of this land was graciously donated by families or companies that care about local land conservation. Land that is not owned by SVLT is instead protected as conservation easements.

Cranberry Marsh North is an easement off of North Street in Biddeford.

Land owners can grant SVLT a conservation easement which protects a property in perpetuity. In most cases, granters can dictate how much of a property is conserved and how strict the limititaions are.

An 8.7 acre  property in Biddeford known as the Moreau Donation.

Sometimes land comes through donation, and at other times the land trust is able to raise money for an important purchase. Our donating members provide the means to keep our operation running and not miss these opportunities to protect land for the future.

Middle Goosefare is a trail that runs through a 7.5 acre donation from the Brandt Family in 1996.

Donating land and granting conservation easements are a great way to make a local impact. With an easement, you own your land but allow SVLT to help protect it. This means allowing yearly visits so the organization can ensure conservation efforts are aligned with legal documents. You can allow public access and trail building if you wish. A granter determines the specifics of the easement while also playing a role in the management of the parcel.

Not sure if donating land or an easement is the best way for you to support local conservation? Email us with questions or request a meeting – connect@sacovalleylandtrust.org.

You can also make a lasting impact by volunteering, becoming a member, or sustaining business partner. Learn more HERE.

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