Thurston Mill is a great example of why you should conserve your land

Thurston Mill is an SVLT property in North Saco but it’s so much more than a place to hike. It features a monument and an informational kiosk with photos of original family members.

The kioskĀ at Thurston Mill, restored by Anatole Brown and Tom Ledue, features photos of male and female Thurstons.

The Thurston Family was one of many that harnessed the power of the Nonesuch River to produce goods.

Generations of Thurstons operated the mill and decades later several members of the family remain in the Saco area.

Thurston family members visited the site during an informational walk at the property in June 2023.

Saco Valley Land Trust celebrated this family by partnering with the Saco Museum and Dyer Library to present the history of Thurston Mill.

This series consisted of a presentation at the Dyer Library where museum educator, Anatole Brown, talked about the Thurston family and brought several artifacts to share.


SVLT and the Saco Museum led a group (which consisted of several Thurston family members) on a walk of the property located at Watson Mill Rd in North Saco.

Eighteen people attended the walk to learn about the Thurston legacy.

SVLT proudly preserves land and history. The Thurston family is excited to have this site to return to and enjoys telling stories of what the land used to be like.

If you or your family has a property that you would like to conserve- for wildlife, agriculture, people, or history- contact Saco Valley Land Trust to discuss the future of your land. Email us at

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