Spring Excitement

The winter brings a natural slowness to the day, and a stillness to the night. We stay in more often than not, but when we step outside the earth feels relaxed, gently spinning in slow-motion. Fewer birds are chirping, and less visual noise too. The eyes adjust to this monomorphic landscape. Snow covers the brownness of the earth and trees with only the burnt yellow beech leaves breaking up the brown and white.

Green is the first color we see in the spring, as the snow melts and the earth is revitalized. Yellow is the next, with dandelions littering the grass, and purple too, as the lilacs begin to bloom.
The world awakens after a long sleep through frigid weather. Brightness returns to the land as birds arrive and flash their new plumage.

Soon, full spectrums will reveal themselves as summer’s long days and rays give life to floral bodies. We will watch as green dominates the panorama. Grasses grow taller; deciduous trees bright with new leaves. The bounty of a field will be unbroken, yielding yellows, blues, purples, and greens.

What are you most excited for this time of the year?


Abby Wilson | Event and Outreach Organizer



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